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Independent Panel Member

Independent Members are from all walks of life in football – coaches, referees, players or club volunteers – and it is their unique experience that we look for as they will often be able to provide a different perspective on certain incidents.

A Panel is required when an individual, club or league have been charged with a breach of The FA Rules & Regulations. The Panel will consider all evidence presented to them at a hearing, including written, verbal, photo and video evidence, from all parties involved. The Panel also has the opportunity to ask any questions as they see appropriate which will help them to establish certain facts relating to the case.

The Panel will then determine whether the charges or proven or not proven, and also where appropriate impose a sanction, such as a suspension or fine.

Personal hearings are usually held on Wednesday and/or Thursday nights at Islington Town Hall, and non-personal hearings are held online via a WebEx on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

If you are interested in becoming a Panel Member, please email for further information, and one of our Football Services Team will be in contact with you soon.

Please note: this role is voluntary, however travelling expenses are paid. You would need to attend training from The FA, and sit on at least three hearings per year.



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