Play Video introducing Club Officers to discipline on the Whole Game System.  Includes a demonstration of how to log in.
Video introducing Club Officers to discipline on the Whole Game System. Includes a demonstration of how to log in.
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Video introducing Club Officers to discipline on the Whole Game System. Includes a demonstration of how to log in.
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The role of the Discipline Team at The AFA is to ensure that the Rules and Regulations of The FA and County FA are applied and upheld and to maintain good discipline and fair play in the grassroots game. From 2015 clubs can deal with their discipline cases online using the Whole Game System in a much more efficient way than was previously possible.

Club Secretaries are responsible for monitoring their clubs’ disciplinary cases. This includes responding to new disciplinary cases as they arise, providing any information requested within set timescales and arranging payment of disciplinary fees fines and charges. It is important to remember:

  • You must respond to a case(s) as soon as you receive the notification of the charge or your Club will receive an automatic £20 fine.
  • Do not wait to receive the invoice before you respond to the charge.

Timescale for Responding to Cases

Standard Dismissal (Red Card)  7 Days from the date printed on the paperwork 
Caution (Yellow Card)  14 Days from the date printed on the paperwork 
Misconduct  14 Days from the date printed on the paperwork 

If you fail to respond on time to any of these elements late fines are automatically added at midnight of the due date.

The FA Discipline Handbook

The FA discipline handbook is a comprehensive guide to how the discipline process works including a series of frequently asked questions. To go to the latest version of the guide please click  here

Making Payments

The easiest and quickest way to pay fees, fines and charges is online using the Whole Game System (see below).

We will accept BACS payments made into our bank account but if you are paying by BACS please ensure that you quote the invoice or case number in the reference field so that we know which case to credit with your payment. If these details are not provided there may be delays in crediting your cases and your club may then incur the £20 late payment fee.

This also means that you may not pay multiple cases in one BACS transaction as there will not be space for the necessary case / invoice numbers in the reference field.

For BACS payments our account details are:

Sort Code:            09-01-55
Account Number:  34648703

For the time being we will continue to accept cheques but we would prefer you not to use this method of payment because it is less reliable, more likely to result in delayed payment and also more time consuming (for you and for us) than the online system. In due course we intend to phase out cheque payments completely.

Using the Whole Game System for your Club’s Discipline

The Whole Game System (‘WGS’) is available for all clubs to deal with their discipline and to pay other fees and invoices online from the start of the 2015-16 season. Here are the five easy steps to take in order to deal with discipline cases:

1. Log in via the Club Portal

You will need to use your FAN (Football Association Number) or email address and associated password handy. If you don't have a password there is a facility on the WGS login page for you to be able to reset it.

2. Click on your role as "Club Secretary" and follow the "Discipline" tab

This is the tab which will appear on the left hand side of your screen. You can respond to each case individually.

3. Check all player information is still correct

You will find that your player information may be already populated. Check this is all correct, and amend any information where necessary.

4. Respond to each charge accordingly

By linking to the referees report, the system will ask you to respond to each case.

5. Pay

Online payment is provided through Barclaycard’s Smartpay, a reliable and secure system that is used extensively across the world.

To go straight to the Whole Game System login page which gives access to your club’s discipline please click  here


If you run into any difficulties in using the online discipline service you can contact John Monk (Email: john.monk@amateur-fa.com Tel: 020 8733 2613) or Jock Henderson (Email: john.henderson@amateur-fa.com Tel: 020 8733 2613).

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