Playing Matches Against Foreign Teams

Clubs wishing to play in a tournament abroad, go on tour, host a tournament involving foreign teams or play a touring side must follow regulations set out by The Football Association.

Full information can be found by downloading the relevant selection of The FA Handbook - Matches Against Foreign Clubs.

Permission is not needed for one-off matches against teams from Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. Documentation is required for matches against teams from the Republic of Ireland and other FIFA countries.

Moreover, an application to participate in a match or a series of matches against members of another National Association involving players of school age shall be required to demonstrate that all such players have received the necessary permission from their head teacher before The Association will give consent.

If your club wishes to play against foreign opposition, whether home or abroad, you must send an application to the AFA at least 60 days in advance. However, we recommend you apply as early as possible.


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