The RESPECT programme was set up with the aim of everyone in football working together to banish offensive attitudes and behaviour on the sidelines and on the pitch.

This is a long term commitment and a key part of the welfare of all clubs. The FA wants all to understand the importance of RESPECT and how it is also about creating a secure environment to play football in.

It is estimated each year 7,000 officials drop out of the game because of unfair treatment they receive from players and spectators. One of the core aims of RESPECT is to make sure this no longer happens and has become a number one priority.

The campaign started with these core principles and hoped to impact the following areas:
• Referee recruitment and retention – by tackling abuse towards match officials the hope is to reduce the numbers leaving the game.
• Participation within youth football – abuse from the sidelines needs to stop to ensure young players can enjoy and progress in the game.
• Coaching and player development – to encourage a player centred approach to improve coaching standards.
• Safeguarding children – ensuring children are able to play in a safe and enjoyable environment without fear of bullying.

The RESPECT campaign has been introduced at professional and grassroots levels and the FA will be working with the following organisations:
• The Premier League.
• The Football League.
• The Professional Footballers’ Association.
• The League Managers’ Association.
• Professional Game Match Officials.
• All County FAs.

The FA hopes all regional clubs will become part of the campaign.

Commitment is needed to ensure change will happen at all levels of football. Why not do your part and RESPECT the game?

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