CRB Checks

The AFA has adopted the FA Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks to ensure all children can play football in the knowledge they are safe and can enjoy themselves.

FA CRB checks are issued under the Police Act 1997 and are designed to help safeguard children by creating a safer workforce. The term ‘workforce’ also refers to volunteers and the voluntary sector.

The FA uses this information to decide if a person is suitable to be involved with children’s football. Not everyone in football needs to undergo an FA CRB check. However, the law requires The FA to ensure that we do not allow those who are banned from working with children to be involved in youth football.

The CRB process is how The FA identifies people who are banned. It also allows The FA to make responsible recruitment decisions about whether people have significant histories that are a potential risk to children. The FA can then prevent these people from being involved in youth football.

Even if you have a CRB check from another source, The FA has taken advice on this, as there can be risks in carrying disclosures from one job to another. To be deemed suitable to work in youth football, you must have an FA Enhanced CRB check.

For more information, please visit or call The FA's CRB helpline on 0845 210 80 80.

Alternatively, contact the AFA County Welfare Officer on

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Criminal Records Check
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