Congratulations Deryll

AFA Referee Deryll David has been appointed Chairman of the RA-FA Youth Council.

Deryll David was this week elected to the position of Chairman of the RA-FA Youth Council, taking over from Adam Davis of Cheshire FA.

His role is to head up all of the RA-FA YC programmes and manage the budget given from The RA and The FA. He also has the task of assembling a team for the 2017/18 season, as well as many other responsibilities.

The RA-FA Youth Council offers funding for County FAs, Youth Councils and Local RAs to give them the opportunity to put on refereeing events which will aid the development of referees within their area. This is called the Referee Development Fund (RDF).

They also offer a County Youth Council Programme (CYC). This is to help Youth Councils develop and give them the best practice possible. This support is available to all Youth Councils up and down the country.

Deryll said: “I am delighted to accept the role following a year as vice chairman, which is something I think gave me a great advantage as well as my involvement in the AFA Youth Council and the AFA & LONSAR - both great platforms for referee development but also football development. I am very much looking forward to my year in the post.”

Alex Bradley from Sussex FA and George Lowe currently with Hampshire FA are Vice Chairs for the season.

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