Ahmadou Seye Recognised in FA Respect Awards

After over 11,000 nominations were submitted, Amateur FA affiliated coach Ahmadou Seye has been awarded a 2017 Respect Award by the Football Association.

Founder of Jolof Sports Club, Ahmadou's biggest passion is playing and teaching football to all generations. He believes that sport and football in particular can bring communities together, develop confidence in children and keep everybody healthy and fit.

Ahmadou is very humble and positive, and he transmits the values of the beautiful game to players; winning through hard-work, skills development and Fair Play. He dedicates all of his work and achievements to his late father who has been his inspiration from an early age.

The 2016/2017 season was very successful for the Jolof First Team, which is managed and captained by Ahmadou. They became champions of Essex Alliance League Premier Division as well as runners-up of the Premier Division Cup.

The under-9s and under-12s have won the Magic International Tournament, whilst the under-9s were also unbeaten for the second year in a row in the Camden and Regents Park League.

Ahmadou has also started a Non-Profit Organisation, JSFC, where kids in London Community with no financial budget can still be given an opportunity to play football. His passion has no borders and in Senegal (Dakar) his charity project continues where street children are given an opportunity to play football as well as other sports activities with the aim of developing great skills for future.

The Respect Awards celebrate The Respect Programme, launched by The FA in 2008 with the aim of uniting the game whilst ensuring that football is an enjoyable, inclusive and positive experience for all.

For the last eight years, The FA Respect Awards have recognised those who uphold and implement those values in their local community by promoting best practice across every aspect of the game.

For further information and to see who else won a 2017 FA Respect Award, please click here

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