County Cups - Appointing Guidelines

Match Officials Appointments for AFA Cup Games, including Cup Finals.

Guidance Notes

1.    Only referees registered for the current season will be appointed.

2.    For Youth Cup matches, only referees with an up-to-date (certificated within the last 3 years) CRC check in place will be appointed.

3.    The Referees Committee expects AFA parented registered referees to make themselves available for the AFA County Cup appointments.  Referees who have not closed the date of the match concerned will be considered as available for appointment unless they have made it known that they do not wish to receive such appointments. Referees who wish at any time to close specific dates or change their general level of availability, for example, to withdraw from adult football or under-18s football, must inform the AFA. Specific dates should be closed using the on-line Referee Acceptance Card.

4.    Referees will be appointed to cup matches taking into account:

i    The level of the cup competition in which the match is to be played;

ii    The level, experience, ability (as far as is known) and reliability of the match officials concerned;

iii    The need to provide challenging games for experienced referees and the need to develop new referees and referees seeking promotion;

iv    The distance between the referees’ home address and the likely fixture venue.

5.    Referees parented to the AFA will take precedence for cup match appointments over referees who are associates of the AFA but parented with another County FA.  Associates may be appointed if insufficient suitable AFA parented referees are available.

6.    Cup match appointments will be made not less than 10 days before the scheduled date of the match. (This does not apply to replacement appointments.)

7.    Notices of AFA Cup appointments will be sent to the clubs involved and the appointed match officials at the time the appointments are made.  This will normally be done by email using the Full-Time system.  Referees are required to acknowledge these appointments within six days for initial appointments and within one day for replacement appointments using the on-line Referee Acceptance Card.

8.    Referees are required to notify results to the AFA by completing the Referee's Online Report Card within 48 hours after the match has taken place.
Cup Final Match Officials Appointments

9.    In selecting match officials for Cup Final appointments account will be taken of the average marks achieved during the season, the number of AFA County Cup appointments fulfilled, the referee’s general availability for AFA County Cup matches and the referee’s attention to acknowledging appointments and managing closed dates.

10.    The AFA Referees’ Secretary and Assistant Referees’ Secretary may not be appointed to any AFA County Cup Final other than in exceptional circumstances.

11.    Preference will normally be given to AFA parented referees for appointment to the AFA County Cup Finals.  However AFA associate referees may also be considered in cases where they have supported AFA County Cup matches, for example, by fulfilling appointments regularly and have achieved good marks.

12.    Only referees operating at Level 5 or higher will be appointed to the AFA Senior Cup final and semi-finals or either of the AFA County Senior finals.  For all other finals there will be no restriction on the level of match officials appointed.  

13.    The Referees Committee regards the County Cup Final appointments as a privilege afforded the officials concerned and the expectation is that the appointments will be accepted by the appointees regardless of the location of the venue and the home address of the officials.

14.    Referees appointed to the AFA County Cup finals may not accept any other match appointments on the same day.

15.    Assistant Referee seniority will be determined by the appointed referee on the match day according first to referee level and secondly, where the level is the same, length of time operating at that level. The senior assistant referee takes over if the referee is unable to start or continue except when a fourth official is appointed, in which case the fourth official will take over.

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