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Ref Steps In
When trouble brews the referee steps in
When trouble brews the referee steps in
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The Laws of the Game require referees to "provide the appropriate authorities…..with information on any disciplinary action taken against players and/or team officials and any other incidents that occurred before, during or after the match".

Apart from ensuring justice is done, this is one of the duties of a referee and is not optional – any referee failing to report disciplinary action taken on the field of play risks being suspended by his or her County FA.

How quickly should I send my reports in ?

Reporting of misconduct should be done within two working days of the game. For example, misconduct from a game on a Saturday should be reported by the following Tuesday at the latest, unless there is a bank holiday in between.

Where should I send my reports ?

All cautions and sendings-off should be reported to the ‘parent County FA’ of the club of the player/team official/spectator reported. The Whole Game System will automatically direct your misconduct reports to the correct County FA.

How should I send my reports ?

All your reports should be submitted using the Whole Game System. There is a handy step by step guide to using the Whole Game System in the ‘Documents’ section at the bottom of this page. To go to the login page for the Whole Game System click click  here

Disciplinary Commissions

In some circumstances people charged with disciplinary offences can ask for a personal hearing at which their case will be considered by a Disciplinary Commission. You might be asked to attend a personal hearing to give evidence about the offence. This takes precedence over any match appointment you might have on the day of the hearing unless it is at a Contributory League level or above.

If you attend a personal hearing bear in mind that you are a witness on behalf of the County and not a defendant or prosecutor. Your role is to help the Commission understand what happened.

Help and Support with Disciplinary Issues

Dealing with disciplinary issues is part and parcel of a referee’s duties but might be a cause of worry, particularly for trainee referees doing their initial six matches or for newly qualified referees. Trainees and newly qualified referees can receive support from their mentor who can guide them through the processes and give helpful advice. Our Referee Development Officer, John Cooke, is also available to give support to any of our referees involved in the disciplinary process (Email: Tel: 020 8733 2613).

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