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Debt Recovery



Sometimes in football there are occasions when players leave clubs and leagues without paying their debts which can leave clubs facing financial difficulty.  The Amateur FA can help with the recovery of debts subject to the following criteria:

It is a valid debt

Football debts are defined as those costs arising directly from football activity and as these include disciplinary costs (for example fines), match costs (for example match fees) and playing expenses (for example pitch hire).  Incidental costs (such as fund-raising activities and club subscriptions) do not fall within the scope of Football Debt Recovery.

Here are examples of valid debts which would fall under the debt recovery procedures:

-   Fines from discipline cases (cautions, dismissals, misconduct charges)
-   Match fees
-   Club subscriptions

The following would not be a valid debt:

-   Kit/Equipment
-   Signing on fees/Internal club fines
-   Lottery or any other fundraising schemes
-   End of season trip costs

Efforts have been made to recover the debt(s)

In order to use the debt recovery scheme genuine efforts must first have been made to recover the debt.  These will include writing to the debtor(s) notifying them of what they owe and asking for payment and not selecting them for matches once it becomes obvious that there is a problem.


Copies of all correspondence associated with the debt(s) should be attached to the application.

You should approach The Amateur FA as soon as it is clear there is a problem.  In all cases this must be within 28 days of formal payment being requested and 112 days of the debt being incurred.  You will have to pay the Amateur FA an admin fee of £25 per debt to be recovered when submitting a claim. This will be added to the amount being claimed from the debtor(s) and will be refunded to you once money owed is recovered from the debtor(s).   

When you complete and submit the form below the debtor will be served 21 days notice that if payment is not received they will be suspended from ALL football until the debt is cleared.

Please click HERE to access the Debt Recovery Form.

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