Our Affiliated Leagues


Football continues to thrive in London & the home counties


This is a list of the leagues currently affiliated to the AFA, as well as the email addresses of the appropriate secretaries.

Should you have questions related to our affiliated leagues, please email info@amateur-fa.com or call 020 8733 2613 


County leagues


Secretary: Jonathan Hunter

E-mail: jonathan.hunter142@gmail.com


Secretary: Stacey Cruse

Email: ladiessuperliga@hotmail.com

Website: http://www.ladiessuperliga.co.uk/

Secretary: Hany Ishak

Website: https://www.LondonFootball.uk


Secretary: Henry DiStasio

E-mail: henry.distasio@lpff.org.uk

Secretary: Georgia Smith

E-mail: georgia.smith@bucs.org.uk 

Secretary: Georgia Smith

E-mail: georgia.smith@bucs.org.uk

Secretary: Shahid Malji

Email: admin@super5league.com

Website: https://www.super5league.com/

Secretary: Thomas Quigley

E-mail: tomqtaxi@hotmail.com


Secretary: Mr Paul Gladstone


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