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Football Needs Volunteers

A football club is about more than just the players on the pitch.

All leagues and clubs require volunteers to undertake chairperson, secretary and treasurer roles to implement their constitution. Additional volunteers fulfil positions such as fixtures secretary and welfare officer to assist the league or club to operate effectively. Finally, there are frontline voluntary roles performing first aid and coaching tasks. Volunteers are essential in keeping the game running.

By volunteering, not only are you helping others and making football operate, but you are also gaining experience and enhancing your skills. This helps when subsequently looking for opportunities to move into paid roles within football. Some of the benefits of volunteering include: 

  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Being valued as part of a team that contributes to success
  • Making new friendships
  • Experience of engaging with other groups and individuals
  • Gain and implement transferable skills
  • Enhances your CV (eg. experience of managing accounts and budgeting)

The Amateur FA recognises the value of volunteers in grassroots football and is committed to supporting them by providing workshops throughout the season. Volunteers make up the backbone of our game and enhance its sustainability.

If you'd like to get involved in volunteering and want to find out what opportunities are available to you, please visit our advert board here.

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