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Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, our funding has been cut by the FA.

The Amateur FA, as with many organisations, has been impacted heavily by the Covid pandemic.

Every County FA is responsible for its own affiliation fees. This is based on the individual financial situation of each County FA. It is impossible to compare County FAs and we have no ability to make a like-for-like comparison. County FAs operate within their own economic and demographic situations.

Every County FA is run as an independent organisation, working with a different number of players, clubs and leagues. Some have facilities from which they can generate income, for example.

Other County FA’s have accumulated profits year on year from their clubs, whereas the Amateur FA predominantly try to balance our budget.

Finally, other CFAs charge large affiliation fees and compulsory cup entry (with large fees for professional clubs for withdrawing) and we at the Amateur FA want to avoid doing this.

a) The Amateur FA has taken advantage of the government furlough scheme, which supported the business.

b)    All other costs have been reviewed within the organisation, such as home working, and we have renegotiated all utility and business operations costs to minimise our overall costs.