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Debt Recovery


The Amateur FA will give assistance with the recovery of debts subject to the following criteria:

It is a debt arising from a football activity such as disciplinary costs, match costs and playing expenses
Genuine efforts have been made to recover the debt
Copies of correspondence should be attached
 The County Association should be approached as soon as it is clear there is a problem. In all cases this must be within 28 days of formal payment being requested and 112 days of the debt being incurred. The creditor must pay the County FA an admin fee of £25 per debt to be recovered when submitting a claim. This will be added to the total debt being claimed and will be refunded upon the monies owed being received from the Participants.   
There is no longer any alternative for recovering this debt

Please be advised that the completion of the form below will mean that the debtor will be served 21 days notice that if payment is not received they will be suspended from ALL football until the debt is cleared.

Please CLICK HERE to access the debt recovery form.


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