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As the Women's World Cup has kicked off, we would like to recognize and promote what females do within football at the AFA and surrounding areas. 

We have spoken to several women in football, whether it be a coach or a member of staff at the office. We are incredibly proud to showcase our female talent!


Feature 4 - Yem

Football role - Football Coaching 

How long you have been coaching? - 4 years 

What do you like about doing this role? - Working with the U7s, as they really enjoy the fun and games we do, and just seeing them improve as players. 

What does it means to you to be a female in sport? - Since I have started coaching I have a had a great experience, and I have met people through my journey to give me the support and guidance I need. 

What are you looking forward to in the World Cup & how well do you think the England team will do England will do very well, they have a very good squad and a great group of players supporting all females in sport, leading the way for the younger generation. 


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