FA Lidl Skills session in action.

Youth Survey

Last year we sent out three surveys for youths associated with football in the Amateur FA.

The surveys were open for six weeks. The three surveys were modified to account for youth players, youth referees and youth coaches.

All surveys asked three main questions: 

1) What do you enjoy about football?
2) What don’t you enjoy about football?
3) What would you change?

We presented the feedback to the Board and council members to develop and implement changes for you. 

Feedback (what you said):

Lack of respect from parents and other participants. There is a lack of respect to Referees. 

Changes made (what we’ve done): 

We have set up more courses for adults to learn how to improve the playing environment including our recent club welfare officer CPD event. Within these we are planning future workshops for clubs on Respect and Matchday Management so keep an eye out! 

Provided our clubs with awareness of how they can purchase ‘Respect’ equipment including the recent offer by the  Football Foundation of 75% off FA Respect packs


Are you under 18 and associated with the AFA?

Have an opinion on something you've seen in your game?

Want a change to happen in Refereeing? 

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