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As the Women's World Cup is quickly approaching, we would like to recognize and promote what females do within football at the AFA.

We have spoken to several women within the AFA, whether it be a coach or a member of staff at the office. We are incredibly proud to showcase our female talent!


Feature 1 - Mara Fernandes

Football role- Coach- European Football Academy

How long have you been coaching- 2 years

What do you like about doing this role?- I love to be involved with the kids, I always learn something with them

What does it mean to you to be a female in sport?- I am actually the only female member of the academy and in the beginning I could see parents were not very comfortable to have me as their kids's coach. I am glad I had the opportunity to show them wrong and prove that we women can do something in football. 

What are you looking forward to in the World Cup & how well do you think the England team will do? I am really looking forward to it, I believe they have a chance to get to the final. I am actually going to watch the friendly game against New Zealand next month.