UEFA EURO 2020 Grants

The Mayor of London UEFA EURO 2020 Grants Programme

the Mayor of London UEFA EURO 2020 Grants Programme will see up to £525,000 invested into community events and projects around our city

The aim of the Grant programme is for all Londoners to have the chance to engage with EURO 2020 by creating positive, meaningful opportunities for local communities across the capital. Successful grant applications will enrich and bring communities together, tackle prejudices, improve health and break down barriers.  

Have an idea? No matter how big or small, we want to hear your pitch. Applications are open now until 9am on Monday 20 January 2020. You can apply for more than one strand if you wish.

The Programme is separated into three strands:  

1. Celebrate as One Fund 
2. Free Kicks Fund 
3. Community Fund

All strands of the Programme aim to use EURO 2020 as an opportunity to improve social integration, but how that might look is up to you. Depending on your requirements, a specific fund might be the best choice for your pitch, but you can apply for all three funds.  

Applications open now until 9am on 20 January 2020.


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