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Amateur FA and Foot Locker – Female Referee Funding

We are delighted to announce that we are partnering with Foot Locker Europe to support Amateur female referees in the UK. Footlocker will be funding the cost of their referee course, helping them achieve a key milestone in their path to becoming qualified referees.

The new campaign aims to inspire greater inclusivity in football and youth culture, on and off the pitch. As women’s football is taking centre stage this summer and is on the rise in all areas in Football, we are proud to be supporting the journey of more female referees.

Carmen Seman, vice president of marketing at Foot Locker, said: “We’re passionate about enabling and inspiring an inclusive youth culture, of which sports forms a key part. Our campaign is all about celebrating these culture shapers for their skills, regardless of gender or position on the pitch, and inspiring a future generation of young players and refs.”

Deryll David, Referee Development Officer at the Amateur FA  has said "This is a great opportunity to expand our pool of female referees. Following on from the success at the Women's World cup and continued growth in English Female football, it's fantastic we have been given this funding to grow our own female legacy within the Amateur FA". 

Get involved

This funding is available to females aged 14+ that are looking to attend an Amateur FA Referee course. The normal cost of our Referee course is £160, however, with Footlocker’s funding, eligible candidates can attend the course for just £30.

The application and selection process

If you would like to apply for the chance to receive this funding, please fill out the form below:

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