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COVID 19 CEO staff update

Please see the important message from Jason Kilby, Amateur FA CEO

Dear All,

Firstly, I hope you, your friends and families are all safe and well while we rally against this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic together.

As you may know all grassroots football including matches, training and friendlies is suspended and this will continue until further notice (in accordance with advice from the FA). Our office and facilities have also been closed with staff working remotely.

Following discussions with our Board Chair Tony Julien, our Finance Director, Will Hoyle and our HR Director, Hannah Linforth, I can further advise that with effect from 2nd April 2020, our Football Development team of James Tierney and Samantha Brown will be on furlough leave for 3 weeks, with our Football Services team, Melanie Armstrong and Deryll David, going on 3 weeks furlough leave from 6th April.
The following members of staff will be available to support our clubs, players, referees and volunteers for the time being. We anticipate that the furloughed staff will likely be furloughed through May, this is to be confirmed.
Please continue to use for the quickest response.
Jason Kilby, CEO and Senior Safeguarding Lead / 0208733 2613 option 9

Dy Sappleton, Designated Safeguarding Officer

Beth Want, MarComms and Courses / 0208 733 2613

John Monk, Finance Officer / 0208 733 2613

Furlough leave is a temporary leave of absence for economic reasons and is designed to save jobs in the long term. Our workforce is supportive of this decision and look forward to returning to work at the earliest possible opportunity.
We would therefore ask that during this time you please direct any enquiries through to one of the four members of staff mentioned above or to and we will respond as swiftly as we possibly can.
Please stay safe, keep well and follow government advice during this very challenging time. For further information regarding Coronavirus and how it affects Amateur FA football, visit our website.

Kind Regards,

Jason KIlby, CEO