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FA DBS Checks and WGS Integration

Clubs can now use the Whole Game System (WGS) to administer FA DBS checks for their coaches and club members.

Please remember it is a requirement for the 20/21 season, for any clubs with 16 and 17 year old players that Managers/Coaches (including assistants) and medics (first aiders) have an FA DBS check.

Entering your organisation PIN into WGS

Clubs will need to enter their organisation PIN into WGS in order to start the process of administering FA DBS checks through WGS. Please download the guidance by clicking on the button below.

click here to download the guidance

Clubs will also need to provide their coaches and clubs members with guidance on how to complete the DBS process through WGS. Please download the guidance by clicking on the button below.

click here to download the guidance

If your club is not yet set up for online verification, you will need to follow the below steps.

- Email stating the name of your club and your position
- State you would like to be set up for online verification for FA DBS checks
- You will then be issued with an Organisation PIN and further guidance, which you will use to administer the checks
- Chairs, Secretary and Treasurers (including assistants) can become verifiers for the club
- FA Checks will respond to any enquiries within 48 hours
- Once confirmation is received, follow the above previous guidance

Verifying Documents

If you are going to be verifying documents, you will need to adhere to the FA 'carrying out face to face document verification in line with Government COVID-19 guidelines'. Please down the guidelines from the related documents below.

Please remember that all individuals whose DBS checks were due to expire between 1 March 2020 and 1 October 2020 will not be required to renew their DBS checks until 1 year after the scheduled date of expiry[1].

You can access all of The FAs guidance on ‘Safer Recruitment and DBS Checks’ by clicking here.

If you have any questions regarding the process, please email and a member of the team will be able to help you further.


[1] The FA currently requires DBS checks to be renewed every 3 years in accordance with industry standards and best practice. However, they have made an informed decision to extend that to 4 years, in these limited circumstances, on the basis of the current Covid-19 pandemic and associated difficulties in DBS check renewal and the fact that these individuals already hold a DBS check which has been accepted by The FA.