Junior Cup Final

Confirmation of finalists for the 2019/20 Junior Cup

The Appeal Board was required to consider an appeal by Old Lyonians FC against a decision made by the AFA Cup Committee. This procedure is set out in the AFA Adult Male Cub Competitions Rules for Season 2019/20.

This appeal arises from an AFA Junior Cup tie between Old Lyonians FC (OL) and Civil Service FC (CF) Third XI played on 8 February 2020.

Following the game OL submitted a complaint (a Protest) to the Cup Committee concerning the constitution of the CS team for this cup tie. The Cup Committee (or an emergency sub-committee) dealt with the protest as required by the Cup Rules. It received written representations and information from CS. It came to the conclusion that it had
been established that CS had contravened Cup Rule 6(d) (Player eligibility). This was because two players in the CS team had played for higher teams earlier in the season and were therefore ineligible to play in the tie. The Committee decided to sanction this breach by way of a fine of £50.

OL ,on being advised of the decision of the Cup Committee, initiated the appeal process by way of challenge to the decision made by the Committee. The appeal was therefore referred to the AFA Council, where under delegated authority, an Appeal Board was convened consisting of three members of the Emergency & General Purposes Committee.

The Appeal Board however cannot agree with the Committee’s conclusion that the selection of at least two individuals “did not represent a fundamental breach of rule 6(d)”. In our view this was a fundamental breach of the rule. An ineligible player took part in this game. As a result, the result of the game cannot stand. The only appropriate sanction in these circumstances is to award that the tie to OL.

This is the unanimous decision of the Board. It is final and binding . There can be no further appeal (Cup Rule 2d).



The Junior Cup final takes place on Saturday 7th March at Old Finchlieans FC at 3:00pm.