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Please find below some helpful FAQ's relating to COVID-19 and FOOTBALL 

Can we still charge subscription fees whilst no football is being played?

This is for the club to decide. We would advise that you consult with club members before reaching a decision. Clubs who own / lease facilities will still have bills to pay and this should be explained. However, clubs should be mindful of people who are currently out of work as result of COVID-19 or have had their working hours reduced and may struggle to make payments. 

Could you offer payment holidays for those in need? 

Can you allow subscriptions to be paid in installments? 

Would people be prepared to pay an advance on their subs to help the club out in the short-term if they are able to? 

Is any funding available for clubs?

We have produced a helpful guide of funding and support below.

Funding and support

Can my club still apply for Football Foundation Grow the Game funding?

Grow the Game funding has been paused. Please see Football Foundation's statement here.


Can teams still train?

The latest update on grassroots football as of Friday 3rd July can be found here.

Please also have a look at the latest guidance from the government relating to the phased return of outdoor sports and recreation in England here

Guidance for providers of outdoor facilities on the phased return of sport and recreation can be found here.

Will our insurance still be valid if we decide to train as a club?

If a club ignores instructions from the County FA, their insurance will become invalid and will not be able to make any claims against their policies. 

Those clubs who do not have Bluefin insurance in place will need to check with their insurance provider.

Will leagues continue once grassroots football resumes? Will County Cup Finals continue?

Grassroots will not resume for the 19/20 season. 

We will work with our leagues and clubs to work out the best course of action for when football resumes.

When any firm decisions have been made, we will communicate these to clubs.

Can we take part in tournaments or ask for tournaments to be sanctioned?

All football is currently suspended. The County FA will not be sanctioning any tournaments until the suspension is lifted by The FA. 

My clubs Charter Standard Annual Health Check has not yet been awarded. Will we lose our status?

Clubs who have not yet submitted their health check have until 30th April to do so.
The County FA has communicated with all clubs regarding their health checks and no club will lose their charter standard status.

I am a registered referee. Can I still referee for small-sided football providers?

All FA registered referees should only be officiating in FA-affiliated leagues, competitions and tournaments. Refereeing in unaffiliated football could result in disciplinary action being taken by the County FA. FA registered referees are asked not to officiate in any environment at this time.

My FA DBS needs verifying. How can my documents be verified?

Until further notice, no new FA DBS applications (including renewals) will be processed until further notice and we request no new DBS checks are submitted whilst football remains suspended

If a DBS expires during the suspension of grassroots football, will a coach or referee be able to continue coaching/refereeing once the season restarts?

All individuals whose DBS checks are due to expire between 1 March 2020 and 1 October 2020 will not be required to renew their DBS checks until 1 year after the scheduled date of expiry. The FA currently requires DBS checks to be renewed every 3 years in accordance with industry standards and best practice. However, we have made an informed decision to extend that to 4 years, in these limited circumstances, on the basis of the current health crisis and associated difficulties in DBS check renewal and the fact that these individuals already hold a DBS check which has been accepted by The FA. However, as circumstances develop, this date is potentially subject to change. The FA’s Whole Game System will be updated to reflect these changes.

Until further notice, no new FA DBS applications (including renewals) will be processed until further notice and we request no new DBS checks are submitted whilst football remains suspended.

When will FA Coach Education and Referee courses resume?

All courses are postponed for the foreseeable future. When the current Government advice changes and we receive confirmation from FA Education that courses can resume we will make an announcement.  

Will CFA’s be refunding monies for County Discipline cases during the season.

No.  The Sanctions imposed are as a result of misconduct committed and are not dependent on the completion of a season.  This would be a similar scenario to matches abandoned where the game has not completed but the sanctions remain.

Will outstanding suspensions be waived?

As per the regulations any suspension outstanding following the last competitive fixture will be served at the commencement of the next season.  On that basis any suspension that remains outstanding will be served at the commencement of competitive football.  

It should also be remembered that there are still some Cup Competitions (including some County Cups), that still hope to be operating, depending on Government restrictions/advice, this season.  Any suspension in place will still be in operation for these matches.

Are fines that CFAs are owed needing to be paid?
There is no reason why they won’t be recovered eventually.  Majority of teams will re-affiliate and most are paying online as normal.

WGS is still producing fines that roll over automatically, do these need altering / turning off?

IT have already stopped the production of late fines so no further late payments or Club/Team suspensions are imposed as a result of non-payment.  This is being taken to reflect the pressures of the volunteer workforce within Clubs that will clearly have other priorities at this time. 

Will teams be penalised for having excessive discipline points at the end of the season (e.g. now or will they be removed)

With the lack of games being played it is unlikely that any team will be surpassing the threshold from now.  For those that have, this falls into the category of sanctions committed referred to above.

What is the position on hearing current misconduct cases?  Is there any special advice for panels to consider as mitigation when concluding appropriate sanctions? 

Guidance has previously been issued to Counties – No Personal hearings are to be held at this stage in line with Government guidance – CFA’s are to ask Clubs if they want to proceed on papers – They can then be held by WebEx.  
If the Participants want a Personal Hearing – they will be heard when restrictions are relaxed

Should league appeals relating to this season still be heard?
Yes – by WebEx where possible and on papers only