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New Posters for Clubs

Download these posters to promote inclusion at your club!

This season has seen a significant increase in the number of discrimination cases we have had to deal with as a County FA.

The cases relate to the nine protected characteristics and comments being made to an individual. The protected characteristics are:

1. Sexual Orientation
2. Religion and Belief
3. Race
4. Sex
5. Gender Reassignment
6. Age
7. Disability
8. Marriage and Civil Partnership
9. Pregnancy and Maternity

Everyone has the right to play football in a safe and inclusive environment. 

We have produced a series of posters for clubs to download and display, as a reminder that discrimination will not be tolerated in any form and if a report is made, an individual or club can be investigated by the CFA and charged with serious misconduct, which could result in a lengthy ban from football. There are also posters to display reminding all of the expectations that football holds as a game for all. 

Download the posters below.

We would also like to remind club officials, players and spectators that if you hear anything discriminatory being said on the pitch, report it to the match official. They will then pass that information on to the County FA to investigate.

The Amateur FA can also be contacted on if anyone needs to be report any concerns.

Please do your bit to make football everyone’s game!