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Cost of Living Impact on Mental Health 2022-2023

Find out more about what the increase in the cost of living has had on mental health.

The below information was provided by Outreach Recovery Rehab.

Wherever you look, you can't get away from the cost of living crisis. Whether you watch the news, fill up your car with petrol, go on social media or take a look at your last heating bill, we’re being squeezed in every direction.

Unfortunately, this means that millions of people across the country will be struggling for money for months to come. There has always been a link between money and mental health, so it is no surprise that more people than ever are struggling with the current cost of living [1].

Unfortunately, it is always the most vulnerable people in our society who struggle the most when it comes to both money and mental health issues. For example, 82% of all disabled people across the UK are currently worried about the cost of living, impacting their mental health [2].

Those who earn less money are also struggling with their mental health, with 39% of people who earn less than £30,000 a year admitting to being forced to cut back on essentials, such as food [3].

As we all know, poor mental health causes issues throughout society, with more people reaching for drink or other substances when they feel low. [4]

If you would like more information on the cost of living, then download the infographic, which lays out some statistics.





[4] Read more at Alcohol Rehab