Junior Cup Winners - South Bank Cuaco Reserves

County Cup Finals: Referees Confirmed

Referees confirmed for our Adult Male County Cup Finals.

The referee appointments have been made for our Adult Male County Cup Finals 23-24.

Senior Final

Referee: Daniel Smith              
Assistant 1: Anthony Browne                     
Assistant 2: Olivia Brownlee       
Fourth Official: Harry Demo      


Referee: Bimi Sherifi             
Assistant 1:           Demetri Anastasiou               
Assistant 2:           Paul Martins     
Fourth Official: Dwayne Uylett                 

Semi Final 

Referee: Liam Giles                   
Assistant 1:           Scott Langley                 
Assistant 2:           Kamil Mehmet         
Fourth Official: Ollie Bierman   

Challenge Final

Referee: Mark Baxter      
Assistant 1: Chris Beament  
Assistant 2:          Paz Morreale    
Fourth Official: Jay Knight                   

Intermediate Final

Referee: William Prior     
Assistant 1:           David Lofgren             
Assistant 2:           John Doe               
Fourth Official: Daniel Merrall                 

Junior Final

Referee: Ricardo Reynolds           
Assistant 1:           Glen Bertram      
Assistant 2:           Daniel Dyer         
Fourth Official: Errol Walker          

Minor Final

Referee: Robbie Campbell            
Assistant 1:         Gage Deitsch                  
Assistant 2:           John Hollis          
Fourth Official:    Rodney Davies           

Senior Novets Final 

Referee: Phillip Mayer    
Assistant 1: Graeme Wilson     
Assistant 2:      Peter Chmielinski                        
Fourth Official:  Mark Cripps      

Intermediate Novets Final

Referee: Mark Barber                 
Assistant 1: Kevin Gosnell     
Assistant 2:          Vascilia Roman   
Fourth Official:     Erind Gjonaj                 

Junior Novets Final

Referee: Michael Sainsbury                        
Assistant 1:  Lee Murphy      
Assistant 2:  Neil Rank                 
Fourth Official:  TBC                                      

Veterans Final 

Referee: Lorraine Stone  
Assistant 1:          Ed Stone            
Assistant 2: Neil Hagger              
Fourth Official: David Behling   

For more information on when the finals are taking place and where, click HERE.