Futsal player runs with the ball.


England Futsal player runs with the ball


Fun, fast-paced and exciting. Futsal continues to grow in popularity and the AFA is here to help you get involved.

Futsal is the format of small sided football that is recognised and supported by FIFA and UEFA, with World and European Championships for club and national teams.

It's a five-a-side game, normally played on a flat indoor pitch with hockey sized goals and a size 4 ball with a reduced bounce. It is played to touchlines and all players are free to enter the penalty area and play the ball over head height. As a small sided game, players are constantly placed in situations where they must receive or play whilst under pressure or in confined spaces. As a game, it places considerable demand on technique, movement, tactical awareness and fitness.

The differences to our traditional versions of small sided football are the absence of rebound boards and some slight amendments in the laws that favour skilful, creative play above the physical contact that tends to be a feature in traditional English five-a-side.

Many of the Spanish national team played Futsal as youngsters, which has greatly helped with their quick passing, technique and possession.

The AFA administrates the FA National Futsal League South Divisions 1 & 2 on behalf of the FA and also run Futsal for Beginners’ Courses throughout the year.

To find out more about Futsal, please visit www.thefa.com/futsal


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Lionel Messi
As a little boy in Argentina I played Futsal on the streets and for my club. It was tremendous fun and it really helped me become who I am today.
- Lionel Messi

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