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Referee Awards


The AFA Referees Committee is keen to recognise and reward outstanding service provided to the Amateur FA by referees.

Therefore, we have put in place an award scheme to celebrate referees who demonstrate long service.

The awards are reviewed once a year and new awards are made as referees become eligible for them.

The first award is made to referees who have served the Amateur FA for 15 years and a further award is made to referees who achieve 30 years service.

Award Criteria

To be eligible to receive an award, referees must have made themselves available over periods of 15 or 30 years for AFA Cup match appointments and AFA Representative Match appointments. The awards are therefore not just based on how long a referee has been qualified and registered but how long he or she has been available for AFA appointments.

They must also either have been AFA registered referees or AFA associate referees throughout that time and remain active for the Alliance.

Conduct is also considered and poor conduct or misconduct either in relation to the Amateur FA or any other County FA will be taken into account in deciding whether an award should be made.

If you want to submit a nomination for our Referee Awards, please contact a member of the AFA team.


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Where referees have had a period away from Amateur FA football, for example people who move abroad for their work then return, they remain eligible for an award based on the number of years they have served the AFA in total.


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