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The Amateur-FA Development Group consists of Level 4, 5, 6 & 7 referees identified by The AFA, who referee Saturdays and midweek matches. To join the group, referees must have the aspiration to obtain promotion to higher levels with the view of operating at semi-professional or professional levels of the game. 

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Email: Referees@amateur-fa.com

Phone: 0208 733 2613

refree development group

As part of the Referee Development Group, you are open to many unique opportunities and benefits.

This includes:
Support Coaching Group
Individual Coach
Insight into refereeing at semi-professional and professional levels 
Technical and Practical Sessions
Opportunities representing the County FA 
Transferable skills – views to becoming a referee coach, mentor or observer to help others also.

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    referee development FAQs

    Firstly, conduct of referees that are members of the Amateur FA Development Group is closely monitored and scrutinized. Referees who are then selected for membership are expected to: 

    • Show commitment to the group by attending Amateur FA Development Group events
    • Communicate regularly and efficiently with their Referee Coach and Development Group coordinator
    • Manage administration effectively and answer correspondences quickly
    • Keep Referee's Secretaries (League, FA and County FA) informed of their open and closed dates
    • Conduct themselves in a professional manner on and off the field
    • Maintain their fitness by living an appropriate lifestyle
    • Set goals and monitor their performance using self-evaluation

    Maintain the highest levels of commitment to achieve their goals 

    If you're interested,email Referees@Amateur-fa.com expressing your interest and we will send you further information should you fulfill the criteria.

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