Online Referee Administration

Reporting Misconduct

All misconduct must be reported to the County FA via the Whole Game System within 48 hours of the match finishing. This must include full details of Sin-Bins, Cautions & Dismissals, including any additional extraordinary incident reports for the match relating to other misconduct.

Assistant Referees

Neutral Assistant Referees shall, where the referee has dismissed a player from the Field of Play or is reporting other forms of misconduct; prepare and submit a report in a similar fashion as the match referee. A record should be kept of cautions issued in case the County FA requires the Assistant Referee to submit a report.

Personal Hearings

Referees and Neutral Assistant Referees must attend Personal Hearings when required to do so. If a Referee or Assistant Referee fails to attend he/she shall be reported to the appropriate County FA. Referee's having accepted a request to attend a Personal Hearing, are then requested to close the date with all appropriate competitions.

Improper Conduct - aggravated by a person’s Ethnic Origin, Colour, Race, Nationality, Faith, Gender, Gender Reassignment, Sexual Orientation or Disability

If you as the match official hear a comment that is relating to the above, then you must dismiss the player who made the comment and report this as a red card detailing the comments made. Do not be afraid to stop the game to ensure you have everyone’s name who heard the comment/s and list these names in your misconduct report. If a report is made to you from a participant that someone has made such a comment and you did not hear the comment you should not dismiss the player, however this must be reported via the Whole Game System detailing what you was told, who by and what they have claimed to have heard. You must also detail the name of the person who reported this to you and the participant that is accused of making the alleged comment and if possible, any names of people that claim to have heard the comment.

We strongly suggest that all reports relating to the above are completed within 24 hours of the match finishing via the whole game system.

Availability & Closed Dates

The Amateur FA uses a system called RefSec in order to administer the availability of match officials, observers and mentors across the County FA. Each official or workforce volunteer should log on and close any dates that they are not available. If a referee has an open date, they are liable for an appointment to a County Cup fixture. All County Cup appointments are made via the Referee Development Committee, Appointments Officer. Should you have any questions please email

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