Amateur FA and CALM partnership

CALM Partnership

Amateur FA and the Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM), have partnered up to raise awareness of the importance of mental health and to offer support to all teams and members of our footballing community.

Support can be offered individually, and you'll also be able to signpost people to information that could really help.

Together we are championing the importance of mental health and seeking support whoever you are, whatever you’re going through.


We can all do more to support ourselves and each other – and every team is already set up to do that. So add CALM to what you’re doing and we’ll make it easy to introduce CALM and share content in your chats and give you access to materials to post in changing rooms, club houses and spaces.


Amateur FA's support alongside CALMs vital advice and services are as needed now as they ever have been.

Find out below what support is on offer.

CALM Clubs - Sign up and get a starter pack from CALM. You’ll get regular updates and advice on how CALM and
Amateur FA can support your members. It’s simple and it doesn’t mean any one person is responsible for the mental health of individuals. It just means that you’re going to share who CALM is, what they do and know that there are all sorts of support on offer. Add CALM to your club and make it mean more.

Resources - Deck out any spaces you spend time in as a team with CALM materials. There's all sorts, stickers, posters and badges for you kits that you'll have access to that will spread the word and offer support. 


Workshops – Do you want to organise a workshop for your club to upskill your community on mental health awareness? Contact Samantha on

Click HERE for more information about the work we are doing.