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The Vault - Mental Health Support

The Vault, is a free, pioneering mental health platform designed with comprehensive resources for grassroots football.

Built through the collective efforts of specialist psychologists, coaches, parents, carers, licenced FIFA agents, and ex-professional players, The Vault serves as a vital resource for everyone involved in grassroots football.  

The Vault contains expert-led, football-themed content in the form of interactive webinars, access to personal stories from current and ex-professional footballers, articles and infographics, a podcast, journals, mental health plans for Clubs to utilise, mental health first aid training and an upcoming conference, all designed to support mental well-being within the grassroots football community.  

The Vault is for anyone involved in grassroots football at any level – players, coaches, parents/carers, spectators, volunteers and match officials.  

Statistics show that one in four people experience mental health difficulties each year and at any given time, one in six working-age adults have symptoms associated with mental ill-health. Mental health conditions often develop early, with 75% of cases starting by age 18. Alarmingly, men aged 40-49 have the highest suicide rates in the UK. 

The Vault was conceived in response to these pressing statistics and the increased demand for digital mental health solutions across the grassroots football spectrum. This always accessible, ever-evolving platform provides support anytime for all age ranges. It allows for anonymous sign-up, ensuring confidentiality and comfort to those seeking information or assistance with their own or someone else’s mental health.  

Visit The Vault for more information and to see what support you can receive, or how it can help members of your community.