A Coach Education Programme is important and can play a vital role in player development and that of a club. The programme has been put into place with the thought that, how can we assist coaches and potential coaches so they can develop their careers in football.

The coaching pathway is open to all and provides the opportunity to obtain firsthand experience of techniques employed in football, and sessions led by experienced coaches.

The AFA aims to, “to provide an affordable, attainable coach education to clubs and organisations across the AFA region.”

Here we will give you a comprehensive breakdown of courses available to you.

As one of our course candidates, you have the opportunity to join the AFA Coaches' Association. This entitles you access to a monthly newsletter and Continued Professional Development (CPD) events.

If you have any questions or would like further information please contact a member of the Football Development Team.

T: 020 8733 2613

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